Oliver Hickfang

Oliver Hickfang China marketing manager

Marketing Consulting
Strategic Communications

Oliver was engaged in several executive positions in global corporations, medium sizes enterprises and business associations.

Working as a Senior Manager at Allianz China Life in Sichuan/China he was responsible for marketing and strategy development and represented the company as a board member at the European Chamber of Commerce in China.

He was liaison manager for the German Chamber of Commerce in China, established a publishing house for travel literature and taught as associate professor at Sichuan University.

In Germany he worked as head of department marketing and distribution at the German Association for IT Companies BITKOM, developing strategies and campaigns with marketing and sales executives from several companies.

For the global management consultancy BearingPoint he took responsibility as head of marketing and communications for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for many years.

Oliver’s special subject at 3digitalminds is marketing consulting and strategic communications.