Web Design & Web Development

Websites in Asia look different. Many large portals in China are rather link lists than well-designed websites. Only interrupted by heavily blinking banners. No matter what, that is what Chinese Internet users are used to and when you come up with a web design for your Asian or Chinese website this certainly needs to be considered.

By the way: Website design is not only for the eyes but heavily influences your business success. Positively and negatively.

If you do not have any company web page yet or you want to adjust your existing site to meet recent demands, in case you plan to add interactive elements or need a specific site for a dedicated marketing campaign, then we are your partner which offers you the complete range of development, design and implementation of your corporate internet page!

chinese web design

Our services include the following:

E-commerce sites / Shopping carts

Product catalogues and company showcases

Corporate & brand websites

Community websites and Blogs

Intranet / Extranet solutions / Backend development

Microsites / Minisites

Specific landing pages optimized for search engines