China Social Media Marketing (Weibo, RenRen)

Banner or static (non animated) advertisement do not draw any attention in our social cross-linked online world. Besides these methods are costly and oftentimes simply not effective.

Social media offers – beside of communication – first and foremost brand interaction, awareness building and consumer engagement.

Also, gathering customers insights and knowing key leaders' opinions are valuable assets which can be extracted and used by social media marketing.

china social media marketing weibo renren

Social media like Weibo and RenRen, Youku, etc. in China and Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. in Western countries allow your company to co-determine the digital word of mouth and to develop measurable and effective mass-communications. Hence social media should be integrated into your corporate communications on a long run.

We offer the following social media services:

Blog Marketing

Popular blogs count a couple of million new entries – every day, around the world. These user-generated networking is not to be called a niche phenomenon any more. It is a mass medium and global platform for the exchange of opinions, experiences and emotions.

Blogs offer new possibilities for your corporate communications: you can interact with customers and get unfiltered information about how your customer thinks and behaves. It doesn’t matter if you install a blog in your own company webpage to offer your customer interaction or if you to take part into existing blogs – we carry out development, design and editorial.

Online PR

Product and services research as well as price comparison and field reports of these days take place in the Internet: more than 75% of all customers use search engines and info portals. To be found is crucial and decisive. Online PR takes effect on online media and uses the Internet as a distribution channel for mass-publicity.

Every new link to your webpage offers new intervisibility, an increase of your own link popularity and increase of traffic. Your online announcements and events influences opinion formation and create good will. Well established methods help to observe and analyse the results to finally be integrated into your communication strategy.

Integrated social network marketing

key influencer marketing

A Cocktail Party is nothing else than social network marketing: you become a member of the event and exchange experiences and opinions. You draw other people’s attention by asking and answering. You make yourself useful for others and create new value.

In the internet we use social media platforms to authentic distribute your digital word of mouth. The difference to conventional marketing is the following: your customers will not be surprised; they will be picked up where they stand. The key for success is a certain amount of loosing control about your own announcements. You will create new contact lines to your customer and navigate them in an intelligent way.

We develop your integrated campaign by including all major social media platforms. We execute your campaign, maintain your activities and provide the controlling.

Reputation management

Do you know how different online stakeholders perceive your company? Customers increasingly publish there experiences with companies and products in the internet. Especially complaints as well as commendations are spread by many thousands users and multiply without any control.

Managing these information – in blogs, social media newsrooms or the own corporate webpage – is necessary to react to negative movements as well as to prevent negative reputation. We deliver a situational review and constantly observe the online situation. We help you responding to critical comments and gossip and tell you how to support positive trends without any time loss.

Webpage Development with social media elements

Do you present your homepage as an one-dimensional online-brochure to simply announce your company statements? In this case you do not tap the full potential at all. In the future you should integrate social media functionality into your corporate page. This is a good chance to increase communication with your customers and stakeholders and influence company processes positively.

We use the latest knowledge and integrate instruments for customer interaction. Attract your customers instead of searching for them, create more traffic on your page and increase the chance to get found from search engines.