Keyword Advertising in Baidu / China

Keyword advertising (also known under the terms search engine marketing, SEM, PPC, Pay-per-click and paid search) is a quick way to place your product or company in the search engines.

But why should you get into the search engines? Because the majority of purchasing decisions are influenced by the Internet, also if the purchase itself takes place in a local store.

3digitalminds has long-lasting experience in managing keyword advertising campaigns. If you plan to start your search engine positioning, we are your partner. If you want to reduce your marketing costs, talk to us, we do SEM outsourcing in English, German and Chinese language.

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On the first glimpse, keyword advertising seems to be easy: open account, insert keywords, enter click prices. In fact, the management of keyword advertising campaigns is based on a long-term approach and requires a lot of knowledge and especially experience.

There are two major phases to do keyword advertising:

Phase 1: Setup keyword advertising campaigns

In the setup phase we create your account in Baidu and then do a thorough keyword research. The bidding strategy is thought over, initial text ads are created and the campaign gets started. After the setup phase the keyword advertising campaign goes smoothly over to constant optimization.

Phase 2: Constant optimization of the keyword advertising campaigns

Constant optimization. Here the wheat gets sorted from the chaff. Constant optimization is the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign. We manage your campaigns on a day-per-day basis, continuously optimize it by changing little parameters and doing some trial-and-error.

One of the biggest mistakes in keyword advertising is definitely to setup a campaign, enter some keywords and click-prices and never touch it again. Have you ever wondered why you pay so much to the search engines and your results are not really satisfactory?