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3digitalminds extends its service portfolio with responsive HTML5 mobile web design

2013/02/11 Responsive web design is a technology that adjusts websites automatically to the screen size of the user's device. We use media queries to figure out what resolution of device is being used.

But why need a mobile website if there are mobile apps? Good question, easy answer. The flood of mobile devices with different operation systems and screens on different app platforms makes it very difficult to offer a mobile app solution to every user.

If companies with large websites and lot's of traffic look into their web analytics tool they will see that their sites might be accessed from more than 1,000 different mobile devices - easily.

Responsive web design is the solution to have a one website fits all approach without having to build multiple apps for several platforms.

Given the exponential growth of mobile website access from mobile users a responsive website is a must. By the way, open this website on a table or smartphone to get a use case, it is fully built in responsive HTML5.

Relaunch of Fashion E-Commerce Site Juuway.com

2013/01/15 Juuway.com recently relaunched with the target to adapt the website's look and feel to the customs of consumers in US and Germany. Until then, the company mainly operated in the Greater China region and the website design was based on local habits and graphic patterns.

The company's strategic move to soon cater consumers in Western markets made a re-design necessary.

Juuway is a good example for the need to adapt web assets to respective target groups in order to leverage upmost business success.